About Us

Our Story

Our journey has been in the pursuit of choosing faith over fear.

We’ve learned that the minute you trust that every moment is a small piece of your personal puzzle creating the bigger picture, your life begins to transform. During the challenges, transitions, and changes life throws at us, we’ve learned that finding comfort in faith rather than terror in fear is a choice that has a dynamic and vital impact.

Founded in Durham, NC on April 12th, 2018, we established Counterculture to grace the supporters who want to wear their truth proudly. Show up in apparel that embodies the confidence you have in your path, you never know when you could be inspiring someone! Take our word for it, life becomes a lot more fun when you leave fear at the door and embrace the bold, unapologetic, and faith-filled person you so authentically are.

You’re not alone! Life was given to us to spread the joy of love- let’s make sure we’re dressing for the occasion.


Our Slogan


Our slogan was inspired by the way Christ continually pushes the boundaries of society to support us in growing and deepening our faith. Regardless of the circumstances we face, there is always an underlying purpose and bigger plan to our struggles and triumphs. 

As a society, we each have a unique role to play in our responsibility to CHALLENGE the status quo that no longer serves us, stand up to CHANGE societal norms, and to discover unique ways to CREATE opportunities for ourselves and our greater communities. 

We’re creating the future together. What reality do you want to create and are you willing to change to get it?


Our Mission

We are on a mission to transform fear into faith. Our brand is based on the power reflected in a faith-filled life and the opportunity to inspire others to unapologetically embrace their bold beliefs. We are dedicated to spreading the message of hope that faith embodies across communities all over the globe. Our commitment is connecting to our customers with kindness, embedded in every interaction.


Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire people to trust in their unique path. By providing high quality apparel that is aligned with their beliefs, we hope to provide the opportunity for like-minded people to connect and spread the inspiration. With a community that shares a common focus on faith, we believe we can empower our fear-based society to recognize the limitless possibilities that we can trust in.