About Us

The Company’s Overview:

Counterculture Apparel is an American Clothing company founded in Durham, NC on April 12th, 2018. Counterculture was founded with the sole purpose of being a brand that is synonymous for its ability to create and produce high quality apparel and content that encourages our customers to live active and adventurous lifestyles. 


Our Slogan:

Challenge. Change. Create. 

Our three word slogan was inspired by the human nature to continually push the boundaries of society regardless of the circumstances faced. As a culture we have always CHALLENGED the status quo, fought to CHANGE societal norms, and found unique ways to CREATE opportunities that served to benefit not only ourselves but our communities as well. 


Our Mission: 

Our mission is to create a globally recognized brand that inspires people to live an active and adventurous lifestyle. 


Our Vision:

Our vision is “To be a global leader in the fashion retail market”.